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Double Carport Dimensions

[ 0 ] September 22, 2010 |

So you’ve decided to build a carport and you know that a single car version is just not going to be sufficient. It’s time to go a little further with your carport building research and figure out what the requirements are for double carports.  This is your lucky day, since I’ve already gone through this process and have found out the most common dimensions for two car carports.  I’m going to share them with you here.

The first thing you have to put some thought into is the size of your double carport. By this I mean will you need just the bare minimum, big enough for compact or small cars, or do you have oversized vehicles to store?  If you are just looking for double-wide storage for things like small cars, or your dirt-bikes, atvs and seadoos, then you can get away with pretty small carport kits.  The most commonly quoted size double carport dimensions is 10′x20′ feet.  Now, in my opinion, this is really too small to be comfortable. It doesn’t give you much room to get around the car at the front and back, and if you have a 2 door car with bigger doors, you will run into space issues as well.

I know some of you may be thinking that smaller will be sufficient because there are no fixed walls to run into, but don’t make that mistake. Often carports will be built lean-to style, which means there is one fixed wall, and I have seen plenty of partly closed in carports that give you that extra protection, but still at way less cost than a fully closed in garage.  Even if you don’t close it in, I find that you will appreciate a little extra size in your carport to add some extra weather protection when you don’t have walls to shelter you.

Anyway, as before, 10′x20′feet is the minimum you will want for a single carport, though I think that 12′x24′is a nice compromise.  Now you can think of your double carport as needed twice the space as a single carport – so 24′x24′ feet will be plenty roomy.  You can get away with a bit narrower carport however, since you will typically only be opening doors on one vehicle at a time, you can share the door opening space in the middle.  This will let you reduce your width to 20′x24′.

If you have oversized vehicles then you should really take some custom measurements so you know that you will have enough room to store and walk around each vehicle that you are parking.  Motor-homes come in many different sizes, so you will need anywhere from 24′ long for a van conversion, to 42′ long for a full-sized 30+ foot camper. Don’t forget that if you have a wide enough span that requires a center post, you should allow some extra clearance to get in and out of each side the of the carport.

The last measurement you need to decide on is the height for your caport.  Typically carports measure 8 or 10 feet at the posts. For a wooden gabled a-frame roof (ie, rafters), this will be your center height. Freestanding metal carports will give you extra center clearance where the roof arches up with metal ribs in place of rafters.  Lean to styles will end up giving you extra height on one side.  As with the size, my personal opinion is that you should leave a little extra room so you have plenty of room to move around. If there is any chance you will store anything other than just cars, then 10 or 12′ foot height clearance would be my preference.

Hopefully this has given you a little extra information about the size requirements for your double carport. To be sure, go out and measure everything you want to store. Don’t forget to measure the clearance required with doors open on both sides.  Then round the measurements up to an even number to make the construction easier and minimize waste.

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